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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review: Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight
Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

My rating: 2 of 3 stars

Okay, so maybe Perrin could have spent just a tiny bit less time buying barley (although, to be honest, it was a welcome relief from his constant growling that he'll "do anything for Faile".) Although he did turn out to be rather epic.
Rand... meh. Didn't do much. And shouldn't some Asha'man have been as surprised as the Aes Sedai at the pillar of saidin and then maybe some shock at the Source being cleaned? They all seem to take it in stride.
Mat was also not so interesting until the end. I'm beginning to like Tuon.
Egwene I never really liked, and the whole Amyrlin thing really isn't endearing her to me.
I don't think there were any other major characters POVed this book. Not much happened in it, honestly.
And on we go to book 11.

Edit 4/13/15: Turns out I still had ten pages or so in the book. Review has been updated to match this.

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