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There was once an update schedule. It lived a good life, a peaceful life. A quiet life. But then... things began to change. It became more and more erratic, sometimes completely disobeying its very reason for existance. And at last, the update schedule could take no more. It cast off its chains and went free, seeking new lands where it would be appreciated. This message it left where once it had lived, to warn other schedules of the peril.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm Actually Doing It!

That's right. As sure as I was of failure, it's 2 days in and I've completed nearly something like 16% of my novel.
Now, of course, I'm procrastinating, but I figure I deserve it.
That cool little widgety thing up above supposedly updates... I hope it works. I'm not going to share my novel with my nonexistant readers just yet, because I'm kind of ashamed of it (it's awful), but hey, it's the word count that matters, right?
Prepare for many posts about my growing success and then ultimate failure as I lose sight of the goal, get demotivated, and give up (you can tell I'm really optimistic about this.)

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