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There was once an update schedule. It lived a good life, a peaceful life. A quiet life. But then... things began to change. It became more and more erratic, sometimes completely disobeying its very reason for existance. And at last, the update schedule could take no more. It cast off its chains and went free, seeking new lands where it would be appreciated. This message it left where once it had lived, to warn other schedules of the peril.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Too many things to properly name this

When I started this, I was determined to have it only be about book reviews, and maybe some writing. But then I realized... well, it's about me, isn't it? It's my blog. There are things I can say to the world at large that I can't anywhere else, and yes that's twisted, but it's true.
I don't want to talk about my life in detail on here. I don't think it's fair to the people I'd be talking about. Me is fine, I'm in charge of what I share about me. But other people... well, it just makes me uncomfortable. So I hope to still be focusing on the reading/writing aspect of my life.
On the other hand, I feel like that's a bit boring. Today someone asked me whether I had any hobbies other than reading. This is someone who's known me for years. I was stunned by the question, and it made me realize just how little I talk about my hobbies anywhere. I do read, yes- and I hope I read a lot- but I also write. I do drama (Drama?). I freak out about the smallest things in grammar. I blog! There is so much more to me than just books, and I want that to reflect in every aspect of my life, even when I'm focused on the books.
Speaking of which, I haven't reviewed anything in a long time. Partly this is because of NaNoWriMo, but also because I've been focusing on WoT. And mostly because reading has become very hard for me. I can't concentrate. I read slowly. I obsess over missing the slightest detail. I waste hours on the internet. I don't like these things, and I wish I could change them, and I think I am, but it's a slow process. So posts won't necessarily be about books. Which I think is a good thing for me- I'm not good at doing just one thing. I get bored.
Oh, for all those still doing NaNoWriMo- good luck! 
To those reading this- no, I didn't mean you in my grumpy post-NaNoWriMo post (or if I did, I forgive you).
I'm going to end this post because it's gotten pretty convoluted anyway, but first some updates:
1) I read a book! I just haven't gotten around to writing the full, bloggable review. It's coming soon.
2) There's some stuff going on that's hard, which might affect how often I post. More on that if there's going to be a major change.
3) Thank you so much to everyone who's reading this! Those who I know about (thank you for your support) and those who I don't, all of you are awesome. I've been getting a lot more interest from Google+ lately, so I hope all of you are here reading this now. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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