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Friday, July 18, 2014

Kindle Unlimited- Is It Worth It?

Kindle Unlimited was first spotted as a cached page (Amazon seemed to have put the page up preliminarily, but quickly withdrew it when customers noticed). Today, however, it becomes public and available for purchase.
It's supposed to be like Prime or Netflix, but with books.

Introducing Kindle Unlimited
The ad, on the other hand, was beautiful and well designed. Sorry guys, it's just a picture, but here's the full video
But is it?
I've only glanced through it, but my answer is definitely no. Though there's supposedly some 600,000 books, I didn't find a single one I'd read recently or was interested in reading. The big titles- Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, etc.- are (according to an ad by Amazon) there, but it's all a show. The truth is, Amazon just isn't dealing with the publishing companies that are producing books peple want to read. There's a lot of books, but it's all filler. You're much better off just using your local library (my library's tiny ebook section has more books I want than KU right now).
Let's do a spontaneous test just to give some reference. I'm going to use books that I've reviewed on this blog, and see if KU has them. Tandem- nope. Find Me- nope. Divergent- nope. The Selection- no. You get the point. I just put in a mixture of the popular, unheard of, and in-between, and Amazon did not have a single one of them. To make it worse, they have these weird parody versions with mockup covers of most popular books, as if to try to trick you into thinking the book exists.
Admittedly, my sample test collection was quite small (edit: I went back and tested several other books I'd read, and again the results were quite disappointing), but Amazon just didn't live up to its usual standards. The more I look through the books the less I want to sign up for KU. The only interesting thing I discovered was the The Giver Trilogy has a fourth book (yes, they're still calling it a trilogy). It's a nice idea, and I'm looking forward to watching this grow and thrive, and someday be worth my $10 a month.

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