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Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Abandon

Abandon by Meg Cabot

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

My first thought upon opening this book was "wait, where there five books before this that I missed, or what?" Oddly enough, the answer is that no, there weren't. The book simply starts in a very disorienting place. Which would be fine, if there was an actual plot aside from the past. It's all flashbacks right up until the not-so-big reveal and the ending (all of which happens in like ten pages, which is kind of sad). The writing was unimpressive, and, honestly, lost me in the prologue. Inky black I'll forgive. Once. Not twice on the same page.
The book is about this girl named Pierce (which I approve of, by the way, great original name) who's had some horrible past and is now living on an island. Oh, and there's a death deity who can I can only describe as a lesser version of Rick Riordan's Anubis involved. And his name is John. That pretty much guaranteed the one star rating.
So, the highly predictable flashbacks that she hinted at so much that they were pointless by the time they appeared happened, John *shudder* happened, her family happened, her friends happened, Amazon's stupid X-Ray feature ruined the ending for me when I accidentally slid it open, everything was happy. Yay. John *shiver* didn't even take his boots off, which, as Pierce points out, could very well cause an apocalypse. I mean, what if he was wearing white socks? The world would end on the spot.
Also there's this awesome guy named Richard whose husband/partner/whatever you want to call it knits. That was epic. We need more characters like this person who was mentioned once and whose name we don't even know. Mini-rant over.
There isn't much more to say. It quite honestly lacked a plot. Also, I wanted to see some furies torture John (argh). I felt like that would have been the best part of the book (I hated that creep) but that's just me. (Hint: guys who throw lizards into pools to get their crush's attention are not good boyfriends. Has he never heard of pebbles? Also, Meg Cabot, show don't tell. It was obvious he'd thrown the lizard in. No need to extrapolate like that.)
I am bewildered as to how it can have a sequel. I might have to read it just out of curiosity.

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