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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Firefight Bonus Complaints

1.  This book is huge. I don't know why, but it is much larger than you'd expect it to be. I don't have a picture of me holding it (well, for privacy reasons, probably it would be David Tennant holding it) mostly because David Tennant is packed up in my closet, but it was bigger than our (very) large paperback of Under the Dome (don't judge; I didn't even finish it.) But the words on the page stayed the same size, pretty much. Which led to what you see above: Firefight doesn't have margins, it has full-on bezels.
This isn't much of a complaint, but it was an annoyance while reading.
Please note: I read the page pictured above and it does not contain spoilers, but enlarge the picture at our own risk, because the resolution is high enough to read the entire thing. Also, those aren't my hands, if anyone was wondering. It is my copy of the book, though (mostly).

2. David here is being chased by Sourcefield, an Epic who fights with electricity. He actually mentions earlier that Sourcefield is in Newcago in the first place because steel conducts electricity well. So... shouldn't he be dead?
Later he feels "a shock". Forcefields or no forcefields, I'm pretty sure that he should have noticed the electricity earlier, considering how many times it hits close to him. This fight scene drives me crazy (the later ones, thankfully, are far better done).

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