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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day Three of Editing: Hanging in There

Can I ask you a very important question? Well, you can't really stop me, can you? So here goes:
What is wrong with Kelsea?
Has there been a single male character that she hasn't found attractive aside from her adoptive father? What's with her and the Fetch? He kidnapped you, Kelsea. You knew him for a day. He's probably twenty years older than you. You should be thanking your lucky stars or whatever it is you do in your weird Dystopian Fantasy universe that you're not his type. You don't want to be his type. It's not a betrayal to try to capture him, it's something that will do great good for your kingdom by getting rid of a criminal. You know he's evil, right? For some reason all the poor people like him (don't know why, it specifically says that he doesn't give them the stuff he steals), but for the good of your country, kill him. You're not in love, you're just stupid.
Also, what are you doing with that sword? Put it down and go kill the Fetch instead. Start a war on your first day of queenship, Kelsea, there's the spirit. Do you know what a treaty is? It's a legally binding document. When you have one with a country that could crush you without noticing, you don't break it. Because if you do, you shortly won't even have a country. So please, go build new cages and apologize to the Red Queen or whatever it is her name is and send her her tribute, because if not then even more people will die.
Speaking of which, what's wrong with her? She's like those demons from the Mercedes Lackey/ James Mallory series, except on steroids. At least they didn't kill people for snoring. Satanic rituals= good reason for book character to kill someone. Snoring= weird hatred of snoring people by the author.

All of that means something very important: I'm reading a book. Well, an ebook, but it counts. I present to you The Queen of the Tearling, which I hope to mock in even greater detail later on. For now, just wince at the cover and know that the book deserves it.
Front Cover

Oh, and editing. Well, it's going okay. I'm going steadily insane, but that was only to be expected.
Editing comment of the day that proves this is literally driving me crazy:
Me: Does Adam have a split personality or something? Why does he talk to himself in the second person?
Me (in response): Because you do.
You can just see the sanity oozing out of that one.
It's actually kind of fun, though. Painful to read the old stuff, and I haven't actually gotten anywhere, but it is cool to see it kind of almost begin to sort of come together.

And that's all for today, please enjoy this convoluted blog post.

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