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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Don't Care High

Don't Care High
Don't Care High by Gordon Korman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In a school where students are so unmotivated that their school is called "Don't Care High" comes Paul... a new student who's arrived with something almost unheard of: ambition. Struggling in the world of locker barons, principals who only care about announcements, and students and teachers who just don't care, Paul and his friend Sheldon set out on what is initially a prank but might do the seemingly impossible and bring school spirit back into Don't Care High.
If you're bothered by unrealistic settings, don't read this- it is possibly the most exaggerated high school ever. This is, however, what made me love it. It was just a masterpiece of a high school experience. Yes, it's overdone, but that's what makes it funny. And in that respect, it succeeded wonderfully- I was laughing throughout. There were also suspenseful and sad parts.
I was a little disappointed by the ending- I was hoping for more of an explanation of Mike Otis's background- but it fit his character. I just wish I understood him, as that felt lacking in the book. True, no one understands him, but he was just such an odd character that I really wanted to and that was a disappointment. There were a few other unresolved mysteries, such as the principal (who never once gets to appear in person), but other than some minor quibbles with the ending it was really a very good book throughout.
It's aimed at younger audiences (or so I felt), so those of you who are used to my reviewing YA fiction be aware that although this is a very enjoyable book, and I don't think elementary school kids will be able to fully appreciate it, it's written at a younger level than I normally review. For those of you who enjoy this book, check out the rest of Gordan Korman's works.

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