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There was once an update schedule. It lived a good life, a peaceful life. A quiet life. But then... things began to change. It became more and more erratic, sometimes completely disobeying its very reason for existance. And at last, the update schedule could take no more. It cast off its chains and went free, seeking new lands where it would be appreciated. This message it left where once it had lived, to warn other schedules of the peril.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's Been a While

Guess what? I'm reading a book (big surprise).
But here's the thing- it's a good book. As in, a book that takes me a week or two to read because it requires thought. Also it's 885 pages long. Then there's Wheel of Time, of course. And Blood of Olympus just came out (rule of life: you are never too old for Rick Riordan). So... yeah, I'm going to be pretty busy with long books, AKA not so many reviews.
I miss the reviews, but I really need the break from YA fiction. It's not permanent, of course- the need to let other people know just how terrible it all is isn't going anywhere- but no one could read that kind of awful book constantly.
I'm currently reading Winds of War, by Herman Wouk, and it's reminding me why I love reading.

Question- I've discovered that I no longer have any attention span when it comes to books, hence why WoW (not World of Warcraft, whatever that is) is taking me so long. I blame the internet and YA fiction. Hopefully I'll readjust. It wasn't so long ago that I was reading thousand page fantasy books in a day or two.

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