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There was once an update schedule. It lived a good life, a peaceful life. A quiet life. But then... things began to change. It became more and more erratic, sometimes completely disobeying its very reason for existance. And at last, the update schedule could take no more. It cast off its chains and went free, seeking new lands where it would be appreciated. This message it left where once it had lived, to warn other schedules of the peril.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Probably you've noticed that pretty much nothing interesting has ever happened on a Thursday (although I thought the Slaves of Socorro post was acceptable- by the way, it was okay, although I liked Gilan better when he was just a minor character).
That's because Thursdays are for random updates, and I don't do anything interesting enough to blog about except read.
So I'm going to keep trying to post on Thursdays, but it might be an extra book review or a writing post or possibly as update if I have anything to say. I might even do the unspeakable and talk about movies (wait, I already did that once... oops).

For now, what do you guys think of this paragraph as an opening (and could someone help me with my publishing after posting question)?
                 "When I close my eyes, I can hear everything in the universe. There's Mim, humming to herself as she mends clothing and washes dishes. The needles click and the dishes rattle and the fire crackles and the wind howls outside and owls hoot and Mim hums.
                But tonight, there's silence."

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