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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

Wait a second... there's nothing about this cover I can call out as innacurate!
Ah, pure fantasy, that dying species. It's a bit like hard science fiction in that the author takes themselves so seriously I have to work not to laugh at them. But once I've gotten into the book I really do like it. (Are you listening, Brandon Sanderson? No one cares about Rithmatist. Give me my Stormlight.)
Anyway, so there's some backstory to my reading this book: A few months ago, my cousin had a baby. We went to visit her, and her parents-in-law were there. While we were eating dinner, I happened to talk to her father-in-law. We got onto the subject of books, I discovered that he was actually an interesting guy who'd read many of the same books I had. We talked about fantasy, and he told me that I should read the Dark Elf trilogy.
So here I am.
I enjoyed this book a lot. '90s fantasy is a category of its own, and this didn't let me down in that respect. I liked how it wasn't that Drizzt was somehow completely different from the other elves, because his mindset wasn't really human, either- his ideals were just a less corrupted version of theirs.
I didn't like how it seemed that there was one good person gene and if you didn't get it you were doomed. Specifically, if Zak wasn't your father, there was no hope of your ever having morals. So that was kind of depressing.
Also, driders? That was pathetic. And came too late. But I'll forgive it (sort of).
On to the next. :)

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