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Friday, May 15, 2015

Review of An Ember in the Ashes

There was quite a bit in this book that was ridiculous. Their system of military training where they throw people out into the wilderness for four years and then expect to find them again (and have them be loyal). The handy unmapped catacombs every sewer leads into (funny how we never encounter any water in them). The random appearance of whatever mythical creature the author feels like. The way our main characters do pretty much nothing but stand there ogling every person of the opposite gender they come across. And, I have to admit, when the side characters all teamed up and started killing each other I started laughing (I don't know why I read books; I can't take them seriously).
But the truth was, in the end, the writing was fine (although the author's choice of "lay" instead of "lie" drove me crazy). The moments of introspection weren't quite as painful as they usually are. The plot was actually kind of enjoyable and suspenseful (although if it had ended at the end of the Trials it would have been so much better). It's not a particularly memorable book, but it was a surprisingly adequate one.

Oh, and the cover was cool:

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